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Intelligent Crutch

2.7 Requirement List

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Requirement List

Summer Semester 2021
Faculty of Mechanical and Mechatronics    
Prof. J. Walter   Semester: SS 2021
Num. Name: Art Phase


Unit of Measurement

Physical-Technical Function

P01 Lorenz Y/N   Measure load on each crutch +/- 10 +/- 5 +/- 2.5 %max partial load
P02 Mufti W   Measure crutch acceleration        
P03 Mufti W   Acquire crutch orientation        
P04 Chris Y/N   Recognize 3-point-walking with crutches        
P05 Chris W   Recognize walking up- and downstairs with crutches        
P06 Chris Y/N   Combine data between both crutches wirelessly        
P07 Mufti Y/N Calculate load on affected leg while walking +/-20 +/-10 +/-5 kg
P08 Lorenz Y/N   Support body weight 70     kg per crutch
P09 Joachim Y/N   Provide continous battery runtime 8 16 24 hours

Technology (Manufacturability)

T01 Lorenz W   Design to retrofit conventional crutch        
T02 Kai Li Y/N   Meet ISO criteria        
T03 Lorenz W   Design for future adaptation on walking frame (Zimmer frame)        
T04 Joachim Y/N   Both crutches must be identical        


E01 Lorenz Y/N   Maximale Gesamtkosten 400 200 150 Euro

Human-Product Relationships

H01 Joachim Y/N   Signal patient overload acoustically        
H02 Joachim Y/N   Signal patient overload optically        
H03 Danial Y/N   Show live load on affected limb via web application        
H04 Danial Y/N   Imply basic operation for patient without additional devices        
H05 Kai Li Y/N   Imply operation for medical personnel wireless via web application        
H06 Kai Li Y/N   Set partial load (full load) via web application 10-20 >0   kg
H07 Mufti Y/N   Store data anonymously on crutch        
H08 Joachim Y/N   Simple recharge of battery   USB Charger    
H09 Joachim W   Handling for patient as simple as possible only calibration and on/off switches only on/off switch no switch  
H10 Danial W   Show statistical data on web application: steps total, persentage, how many steps over/under limit, max/min load, average load, average above/below limit load        
H11 Danial W   Show report in printable format html website PDF    
H12 Chris Y/N   Determine patient's weight for calculation enter via web interface put whole weight on crutch, optional calibration switch calculate from raw data  
H13 Danial W   Seperate display to show live the load on affected limb without any operation        
H14 Kai Li W   2nd operating mode that signals load on affected limb below certain value        
Requirement Type : Y/N - Necessary, TR - Tolerated Requirement; W - Wish;  Construction Phase : P - Principle; C - Concept; D - Draft; E - Elaboration;
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