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Intelligent Crutch

4.10 Operating Manual

User manual for Intelligent Crutch App:

1. Install Intelligent Crutch App APK file located inside GitHub Frontend folder (Currently this App is only provided on Android Platform).
2. Switch on your smartphone Bluetooth device.
3. Open the installed app and wait until the loading screen finishes.
4. Switch on both intelligent crutches.
5. Pair your smartphone with the crutches by clicking the PAIR DEVICES button located on the uppermost part of the app main screen and choose to pair with the main crutch (By default, the Bluetooth name for the Intelligent Crutch is iUAGS).
6. After pairing process is completed, click CONNECT to establish connection between devices.
7. Go to SETTINGS and go to PATIENT WEIGHT section, set the user weight by firstly clicking the ADD button. Then, adjust the slider according to the user weight. When done adjusting the user weight, click SET to set the user weight. The user can also see the current user weight stored in the intelligent crutches by clicking LOAD button.
8. At SETTINGS, look for MAXIMAL ALLOWED WEIGHT section. In this section, the user or health authorities can set the maximum allowed weight for the crutches to hold. The Intelligent Crutch will notify the user if the user exceed the maximum limit.
9. Now everything is prepared, the user can now return back to the main screen of the app by clicking BACK button and see the general status of the Intelligent Crutch like STEPS TAKEN, OVERLOAD AMOUNT and MAXIMUM FOOT LOAD.
10. User can also see detailed information by clicking DATA button located in the main screen. Inside the DATA screen, real time foot load and crutch data are presented.
11. In case of any disconnection problem, the user can reconnect between devices by clicking the anti-clockwise loop button located at the right top of the app.

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