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3.3 Morphology


  Partial- Solution Components
   Functions SC 1 SC 2 SC3
A User Interface PC PC PC
B Motion Signal Control ESP 32 ESP 32 ESP 32
C Illumination Signal Control LoLin Microcontroller LoLin Microcontroller LoLin Microcontroller
D The Device Body Automobile Automobile Automoblie
E Motion Generator Two Motors Two Motors Integrated in the 3-WD
F Illumination of the car bottom LED table LED Table LED Table
G Generate the sphere movement 2-Wheels 2-Wheels 3-Wheels drive (3WD)
P To accelerate a mass of water in order to create a propulsive force Sphere surface (small spheres) Surface of sphere
New form of pins: Cupola
Surface of sphere
New form of pins: Cupola

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