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4.10 Operating Manual

1- Switch on the rooter:” JuergenWalter” then connect you PC to “JuergenWalter” WLAN

2- Go to the file where the MQTT file 1880 is saved: Dieser PC>Lokaler Datentraeger (C:)

3- select 1880 thenClick on the file browser and right CMD then press enter

4- the cmd file will be opened then right in the first line: node-red –u . –p 1880
PS: respect the spaces in the cmd command

5- open the internet browser and write: Localhost:1880
You will find the MQTT program of the illumination and the motion control

6- Open another browser window and right: Localhost:1880/ui
You will find the user interface

7- connect the battery cable of the car to its dedicated ESP32

8- connect the downside battery cable to the illumination microcontroller

9- wait few seconds then check the microcontroller screen: you should find “Connection OK” message

10- try to use the user interface to change the motion and the illumination
PS: If you want to use simultaneously a second PC of control just connect it to the same WLAN and open the user interface from: localhost:1880/ui

  With Support of Prof. J. Walter Winter Semester 2021