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3.4 Advantages - Disadvantages - Catalogue

Solution Components

A: Mechanics
A.1- Motor
Advantages: Disadvantages:
Supply a sufficient amount of torque to move the car. Different performance between motors that can generate (Momentum) at certain point, which cause a deviation from the front road.
  Cannot generate high rotation speed
A.2- Gears
Advantages: Disadvantages:
Low noise design. Distance between gears generates a random sliding which changes the car direction.

B: Batteries:
B.1- Motion Battery


Advantages: Disadvantages:
Support the car stability:  Females pins are bigger than the male wires which cause sometimes a looseness.  
construct the main weight that keep the gravity point close to the water surface.    

B.2- Lights Battery


Advantages: Disadvantages:
Rechargeable. Fast discharge
  Misbalanced Assembly.

C: Electronics
C.1- ESP 32 Lolin

Advantages: Disadvantages:
Can charge the LED battery  via its USB port. Placement far from the battery generated stretching/cutting of cables). 
Adequate cost.  Difficult to assemble conveniently on the car.
G Sub-Function: Data transmit
G.1 - Wi-Fi

Advantages: Disadvantages:
It allows long range communication between devices. Therefore, user can control their devices at anywhere of the world. If there is no internet connection, user cannot get the information .

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