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Volcopter: Rope Control &
Winter Semester 2021
Ritu Ahmed (79250)
Pierrick Petit (79874)

2.3 State of Technology

Currently, at least two people are needed to take off the drone. One person controls the drone, while a second person connects it to the ground with a conventional fishing line. The fishing line is connected to the body of the drone and is wound over the fishing line on a fishing reel. As the drone increases in altitude, it can unwind the line on its own with little resistance when the reel is "open". If the drone sinks, the person operating the fishing rod must reel in the line so that it does not get caught in the rotor. It is important to always point the tip at the body of the drone and ensure that the line is guided outwards between the rotors, especially during take-off and landing.

Regarding the flight time and the power supply, it is assumed that the autonomy in flight is about 30 minutes. The maximum autonomy of the remote control is six hours, much less restrictive than that of the drone. Between each flight, the drone must land and the battery must be charged or replaced. The battery recharge time is about 1.5 hours.

Fig.: Volocopter linked to the ground with a rope

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