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Volcopter: Rope Control &
Winter Semester 2021
Ritu Ahmed (79250)
Pierrick Petit (79874)

4.11 Enhancements

Enhancements for the first part of the project (Fesselflug) :
- Use a button/switch with which the microcontroller can be put into sleep mode & woken up again
- Obtain an identical potentiometer (reliability and repeatability)
- Resonance avoidance: determine the poti values at which the system exhibits resonances.
   If these are known, the operating points can be avoided by software optimization.
- Procure new drivers (e.g. TMC2209 or TMC2226) for increased energy efficiency through CoolStep technology
   & PWM optimization (currently 50% duty cycle)
- Integrate LiPo protection circuit
- Smaller battery could be sufficient: LiPo 3s instead of existing 4s conceivable

Enhancements for the second part of the project (Rope Control) :
- Use a light and durable cable, made to be rolled and unrolled several times
- Adapt the fesselflug system to be able to control the cable length (bigger system, more powerfull motor, ...)
- Add a refrigeration system to the drone to cool the battery

  With Support of Prof. J. Walter Winter Semester 2021