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Volcopter: Rope Control &
Winter Semester 2021
Ritu Ahmed (79250)
Pierrick Petit (79874)

3.9 Concept Development

(21.03.22) The concept is is to supply the drone with energy from the ground. For this, a cable will be connected to the battery on the drone and to a reel on the ground, then connected through a sliding contact with a power generator to send the energy.

Detailed project sketch
Fig.2 : Detailed Project Sketch

1: Remote control with smartphone as display
2: Pedal with microcontroller and motor driver integrated
3: MAVIC 2 drone with landing gear extension
4: Stepper motor
5: Coupler
6: Reel mounted on a freerun
7: Shaft bearing (ball bearing) with bearing block as 3D printed part
8: Small metal ring
9: Power Cable
10: Sliding Contact
11: Power Generator

Project Sketch
Fig. 1 : Project Sketch (14.12.21)

(03.11.21) The basic idea is to integrate an energy-efficient ESP32 into the free space inside the pedal. Controlled by the ESP32, an electric motor should then drive a winch to wind up the rope. The unwinding of the rope is to take place with minimal mechanical resistance. For this purpose, either a mechanical freewheel is used between the winch and the motor output shaft, or a torque-free motor operation is used in this direction of rotation.

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