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Volcopter: Rope Control &
Winter Semester 2021
Ritu Ahmed (79250)
Pierrick Petit (79874)

3.9 Concept Development

Project Sketch
Fig. 1 : Project Sketch

The basic idea is to integrate an energy-efficient ESP32 into the free space inside the pedal. Controlled by the ESP32, an electric motor should then drive a winch to wind up the rope. The unwinding of the rope is to take place with minimal mechanical resistance. For this purpose, either a mechanical freewheel is used between the winch and the motor output shaft, or a torque-free motor operation is used in this direction of rotation.

Detailed project sketch
Fig.2 : Detailed Project Sketch

For the power supply part, an item will be installed on the drone to connect an external power cable. The power generation will be done in the cable by means of a sliding contact.

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